Comment on Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation

I would like to comment on the excellent piece by Deardorff, Haisch, Maccabee, and Puthoff referred to in your They May Be Here! Their article cogently summarized a rationale for serious mainstream study of the UFO phenomenon. All OpenSETI members should share it with their scientific and academic colleagues cowered by the fear of peer censure or public ridicule. Respected as professionals in their own disciplines, the four authors' case should cause anyone interested in the search for truth to take notice.

Given their courage in speaking out, I wonder why they, too, felt it necessary to make two statements that are inconsistent with their own logic. One is "...the fact that past millennia, have we been colonized, conquered, or exterminated, nor has society been traumatized by any ETs..." To make such a declaration of "fact" goes against literally thousands of witness reports and artifacts to the effect that beings more advanced than humans have intervened in human society, beginning from at least the end of the Paleolithic Era up till, and perhaps beyond, the fall of the Roman Republic. Accounts as detailed and as credible as those quoted in their article can be found in Hebrew, Sumerian, Vedic, Egyptian, and other texts, as well as in the oral traditions on every continent.

Second, they write " appears all too evident that ETs have not intervened in world affairs in any benevolent manner that would have forestalled human warfare, famine, and disease." Once again, such a declaration of "evidence" is contravened by the stories and drawings of credible witnesses (they had no reason to make up their stories and nothing to gain by showing their inferiority to more advanced beings). The most well-known to most Westerners is the account of Noah's receipt of foreknowledge of the coming Flood and blueprints to build a submersible craft. After the cataclysm, the biblical account of technical assistance to the human survivors contravenes the authors' assertion.

Many analyses have been written on this topic, including my own Gods. Genes, & Consciousness. To ignore them is to commit errors of logic and reveal a selective scientific perspective, the same fault the article seeks to correct in others. It's time to look at all the evidence.

Paul Von Ward