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Open SETI advocates the use of every research discipline and the study of every category of organic and inorganic activity on earth and anywhere else within our view, as a full response to the rich evidence of our involvement with other intelligence--evidence that we have already seen.

Hat Creek Radio Observatory

In the twentieth century we broke our earthly bounds and walked the sky.

In the twenty-first century we will seek companions there.

Through science we hope to gain advance knowledge of who we will find.

The program designated to gain this advance knowledge is named The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

But SETI is nothing more than a badly-contrived myth. It seeks legitimacy through claiming membership in the larger scientific community, which itself is a collection of old myths that have outlived their usefulness.

You have suspected as much. Now for the first time, this issue is fully explained, in this website, which also strives to provide something better.

Perhaps the SETI cheerleaders were your introduction to this subject. Prepare now to go where they will not and cannot go -- to where myth, mind, physics, consciousness and reality all meet. This subject demands no less. You deserve no less.

The journey is crucially important - especially now, as we face the oncoming wave of chaos.


Gerry Zeitlin gives an interview about the plausible origin of mankind

Dr. David Livingston
Sunday, Oct. 9, 2005 12-1:30PM PDT
Special audio-enhanced edit by 'Sweeps' Fox / Irish Ufology

Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country
(Requires subscription)
Sept 24, 2005
Sept 24, 2004

Articles and Perspectives
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Malou Zeitlin:
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Seth Shostak worries that SETI got it wrong...
(yet draws wrong conclusions)

More comic relief:
Probing the cosmos: Is anybody out there?

Still at it, another outreach for enthusiasts:
SETI opens up its data to 'citizen scientists'
(with a bias-revealing dig at contactees)

Nano-SETI: Here's another innovative idea from the inventive SETI community: maybe the aliens can travel here after all, but in little bitty ships the size of atoms that we never noticed.
Here's the latest in a web search on this idea

Seth Shostak on "Squishies vs. Robots"

New SETI Chief On Search For Extraterrestrials
Dr. David Morrison promises to carry on the tradition of Frank Drake

Contrast SETI's know-nothing stance with CSETI's effort to find an integrative view of the realms of experience:
(Papers by Steven M. Greer, M.D.)
Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology
The Crossing Point
CSETI Expedition Yields First Ever Photograph of an Extraterrestrial

Letters, Guest Articles, and Papers:
Comment on Inflation-Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation - Paul Von Ward

The Physical Study of Atmospheric Luminous Anomalies and the SETV Hypothesis - Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D.

An Alternative Method for the Scientific Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life - The “Local SETI” - Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D.

The Copernican Compromise: Origin of the Materialistic Bias in Science - Kyle Griffith

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (Part 1) - Donald L. Hotson

Dirac's Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy (Part 2) - Donald L. Hotson56

SETI Blinks? - Bruce Cornet, Ph.D.

Humans vs. "aliens" today in full clarity and total integrity

"...what most people accept today as fundamental scientific knowledge is barely distinguishable from what organized religion became some centuries ago."

For a perfect current example of scientific evolution and religion (i.e., as a religion), see

Scientist: Evolution debate will soon be history .

This, by the way, is a most superficial example of a "religion". Elsewhere we go extensively and deeply into the phenomenon. See here and here.


I was interviewed by Olivier De Sedona and Marc Gray for their web radio show UFO Conscience. Here’s their online blog address:

The producers of the radio show UFO Conscience have made the following request of those about to play the interview:

UFO Conscience is an independent show and 100% non-profit. In order for it to live on as long as possible while remaining available for free, we ask you to allow the embedded advertisements to play through and not ignore them or skip over them, because just as for all the radio shows, this show lives and survives thanks to the ads.

To listen via Youtube, click: If you want to help UFO Conscience you can do so by making a donation via this link:

The first 20 minutes of the interview was also broadcast on the air on a radio station called Radio Nord Bretagne on Friday February the 14th, 2014:

UFO Conscience with Gerry Zeitlin – The SETI Project – Anton Parks

Who were, or are, the "Gina'abul"? In this June 2014 interview, based on my work with Anton Parks, I present a highly-compressed rendition of the activities of these races in our galaxy, and no less than their creation of the human races to fill their needs.

Learn why, in Open SETI, we remind anyone searching for signals from ET, to consider that


Settle back and view the video now at:


What is it?


Preface: Reforming SETI from the Ground Up


Open SETI Physics 101

Ways of Knowing What "Is"

Classical SETI

  1. Fundamental Assumptions Concerning the Universe and Life

  2. SETI Science (The Drake Equation)

  3. The SETI Paradigm

  4. The SETI Search Space

  5. Quest for Negadata!

Historical Reviews of SETI

SETI's Achievements

The Cost of SETI: Funding and Defunding

On Technological "Progress"

Technology of the Soul

Assumptions and Paradigm for Open SETI

New Search Strategies

The Forgotten Challenge: Pulsars

Try This @Home!

More Challenges to the Old Paradigm


Conclusion: SETI with Results

Appendix 1: Ancient Contacts

Appendix 2: Challenges to Darwinism

Appendix 3: Consciousness

Appendix 4: Remote Viewing Reading List and Timeline

Appendix 5: Transgenics and Reverse Incrementalism

Appendix 6: Welcome to... Uraš?





Read the extraordinary Karmapolis interview of Paul Von Ward:

Aliens, Lies and religions

War in Heaven

Governments and affiliated societies operate programs feigning interest in finding signals emanating from distant civilizations. These programs are shams, especially ironic when operated by governments under more-or-less secret hierarchies of control, descending from levels that are themselves outposts of various extraterrestrial civilizations. The elements we see are the various churches and brotherhoods, whose top levels are highly trained to be able to contact their counterparts on an unseen dimension. (Don't miss our page on Gnosticism!) And, yes, they are at war, a vast war that has gone on over vast spans of time and space.

One of the warring factions speaks to us here through Kyle Griffith.



La Guerre Céleste
Interview: Kyle Griffith

Alain Gossens Questions Kyle Griffith on the Meaning of The War in Heaven (in English)

Complex Selves

As readers of this site well understand, "SETI" cannot be understood simply in terms of "us here and them there and how do we talk". Kyle Griffith in his The War in Heaven (see above) has given us a view of the great complexity in terms of Human Races, both those grounded on a planetary system and those we could call "space people", plus elementals, and gods. All are engaged in a vast struggle for survival.

Many are organized in complexes, these being described by Griffith, but difficult for us to understand in any terms. Yet we are intimately and personally involved in such complexes, and we MUST learn how these work, if we are to make any progress in this system and in our struggle.

Readers of this site had probably not been aware of this issue of complexes, but there is no time like the present for becoming aware. To assist us, we have a pair of simply amazing books by the comic book author Alvin Schwartz, creator of the Superman and Batman comics. He offers us today, deep and very startling journeys into the subjects of Tibetan Buddhism, Tulpas, and complex human selves. If you are a human being reading these pages, click here now for more information on these must-read books.

Schwartz' complex selves would appear to be initial steps toward the development of elementals and gods as described by Griffith. Yet I daresay the two authors never heard of one another. Again, it is strongly advised that you investigate this.

The Ages of Uraš

Continuing in this vein, here is our presentation of the early work of French author Anton Parks detailing the 300,000-year history of the founding of an order of Gods on Earth, which eventually led to today's theocracies. This information is available nowhere else.

Origins of Life in the Universe

Highly Recommended Articles
Cosmology, Astrobiology
Quantum Physics
Origins & Evolution of Life

SETI Institute Funding Ends: Wrong Model in the First Place

Third Reich, Antarctica, Admiral Byrd, Operation Highjump

Galactic Timestreams

Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The Controller Agenda. The Jinn.

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