Third Reich, Antarctica, Admiral Byrd, Operation Highjump

1. Reality Framework for Power

If I go out to the "Big M" to pick up some muffins and strawberries, I can be reasonably certain that the market will be there, just as I expected, and various people along the way will agree with what's going on, and I will get the strawberries and muffins.

That's because I live on a prison planet.

Not so bad, is it, for a prison?

But there are certain things I cannot do. I'm not talking about the things that are forbidden by law, but other things that there's not much point even thinking about.

But... but... what if one or more of these "things" just sort of popped up into my world and seemed to be mine for the taking or the doing?

And what if I were the only one so gifted?

Think of it. Think of the possibilities. Think of the POWER.

"For Thine is the Kingdom and the Power..." etc. Isn't that what it is all about anyway? The quest for POWER.

We're like that. No wonder a prison was deemed needed.

This seems to be what has happened. It is for us now to determine who are truly the prisoners, who the guards, who the visitors, and generally how the game is going.

2. Little-known Aspects of our Framework

Please begin with an Internet search on the term:

Germany and Antarctica.


It isn't as though we had not run across this connection before...

...but 243,000,000 hits at last count?

This appears to have been a major piece of modern history: Germany establishing a colony in Antarctica, extending throughout the WWI and WWII periods at least...

Never being a part of any world peace treaties...

Having access to highly advanced technologies known nowhere else...

Being allied to strangers perhaps not even human...

And, shortly after the conclusion of WWII, an American expedition via naval armada - frankly military in nature - hightailing it out of there in full retreat with heavy losses of ships and men...

And all of this, suggesting we've gotten more than a little off on our galactic history...

Which is to mean... our human history. Completely wrong... we are simply deluded beings.

...and not accidentally, by any means. All to a purpose.

Why is this never discussed today? Was it ever explained, resolved, even approached?


To help summarize for you what has been released, we have the very impressive video documentary from Russia (with English subtitles):

Third Reich - Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica) Complete Documentary

The documentary goes on to cover strong interest and activities today relating to the North Pole region.

Several books and websites attempt to cover our subject, and they do very well with it. So what is left for us?

Much, because we already present on these pages a different view of physics and ancient history, at least up to a few thousand years ago.

We feel a responsibility to continue now, bringing readers forward with something that will forge the link with today's hidden histories, such as that under discussion here.

This hidden German history, for example, didn't simply arise out of nowhere.

3. Framework from Our Own Pages

Let's begin now with some basic concepts developed on other sites and pages of We'll use only what is necessary for understanding. For example, we'll provide descriptions of events to one or another level of detail, but not specific names unless they are helpful to us.

First concept: our planet Uraš was once "the jewel of the universe".

An overstatement? Who knows, but the point is that it was a fine and special place.

A great war was underway in this galaxy, in which what we may call a mad god was making a bid for total power. It was to be a takeover from ones who were close to what we might call "the Source". We use the designation "Kadištu" for these beings, and those closely aligned with them, or subgroups, such as the "Amašutum".

He was defeated. But rather than simply destroy him, the Kadištu allowed him to retreat... to Uraš... with all his military remnants, via what we in our science fiction way call "wormholes" and "stargates", and then the gates were shut down.

But not before another group, against all advice, followed him in pursuit, hoping to completely do him in.

Clang, the doors, or whatever, closed, and that was the end of Act One.

Now... genetics was the major tool for gaining, regaining, or retaining power. And the leaders of each group had that tool.

In fact, the knowledge of the energies and forces of the universe, to make it possible to at least hope to force open the gates, plus new armies built through the use of genetics, well, this was the setup that not only opened with our Act One, but remains today.

Oh yes...

Another little aspect that begins with Act One... and you won't find this discussed by any other source on this subject...

These armies, and the civilizations that were needed to support them, were not peopled by zombies, now were they?

Fortunately you are working here with websites that acknowledge the existence and fundamental importance of souls.

We do devote some pages to this aspect - the solar aspect - though none yet to the role it might play in this polar confrontation.

But should it play a role? What do you think, dear reader?

4. The Solar Aspect

In preparation for writing this part of the page, we reviewed parts of our Ages of Uraš and were reminded of the immense complexity of this aspect, which all the players except the human ones had fully in mind when setting up what we have just now been calling Act One.

The players all knew what they were doing... players other than the humans, that is. The humans were not supposed to know. They were to be food, slaves, perhaps soldiers if they were good... anything but knowing who and what they were.

The humans were not originally supposed to be able to have their own governments.

That, at least, was the wish of one of the trapped contingents. You can find that one under the leadership of Enlil and his descendants on our pages.

The other contingent was led by Enki and descendants, who had other ideas, but they had to remain concealed.

None of these advanced beings gave much thought to the souls who were going to have to come from somewhere to animate all this.

But somebody did. Another program was being put into place, one which you and we are helping to play out, without much knowledge of it until the time for understanding might arrive. (Newton 2001)

It would appear to be arriving, right now. This could be because we are ripe for it. We don't actually know, but something is definitely underway now, and the documents we have linked to, from this page, would seem to demonstrate that.

Not that those organizations who have inherited the power of the original masters of this world would be happy to have you understand.

Now, what are the active players up to, today?

That is what we all are trying to understand.

5. What is Uraš?

There is something about this entire setting that is very well understood and used in many ways by all of the major players except, as usual, by the humans... and that is the very nature of our planet Uraš. Surely we have come to it now: this planet has major spaces in which the once-ruling races dwell, and these spaces are not visible to the rank-and-file humans, with exceptions as we have seen on this page.

This aspect of Uraš comes under the heading of Hollow Earth (not to draw any conclusion at this time as to a "hollowness of Uraš" in any simplistic sense) but it may be much more than that if it includes such elements as dimensions and stargates.

Admiral Byrd, and the Germans as well, were confronted with this, and perhaps learned something, but they have left very little for our edification.

We do believe they interacted with beings of varying motivation and culture. A scan of the Internet revealed much interest but documentation of questionable integrity.

We searched, looking for documentation that might build a coherent picture of our planetary setting, Uraš.

We did find an excellent online resource on our subject: Mysteries of the Inner Earth by David Pratt, May 2001.

We immediately noted that, while having a respectable understanding of geophysics Pratt also had a deep interest in Theosophy and related movements, and "hollow earth" was an important topic with them. And so we were alert to the possibility that Pratt would simply be relating the Theosophical doctrine on the nature of the inner earth.

It turns out that Pratt has not done this. He devotes major portions of his paper to the geophysical data and analysis and while he provides enough of the Theosophical positions on various aspects, he maintains independence, leaving it for the reader to make the choices.

Pratt begins with the "Solid Earth Hypothesis" - the model we have all been living with.

If I had worried that this would present a serious challenge - after all, all these geophysicists can't have been so wrong in choosing the Solid Earth as the only supported hypothesis - I needn't have worried.

Quite the opposite is the case: there are so many problems with the solid earth hypothesis that one wonders how it can be kept up for even one day, it is so poorly supported by the facts.

The basic problem: the earth has a radius of about 6370 km. We have been able to directly observe no more than the top ten or twelve, through drill holes. What information we have representing the 6360 km is nothing more than the most indirect seismic data. This must be fed to supercomputers which have also been supplied with the outline of our model and are tasked with determining the detailed parameters. But parameters of what? Of the objects of our wishful thinking, about covers it.

The problems stemming from this are numerous and endless. For example, every time we have been able to push a hole perhaps one more kilometer we find the physical parameters deviating wildly from what we had predicted. That's one kilometer!

Here's another little issue: the central core is supposed to be most dense because of the tremendous compacting forces from the weight of the entire earth above. But most of our readers here will have no trouble seeing that gravitational forces at the center are ZERO, the net sum of all the gravitational vectors pointing OUTWARD at the spherically symmetric earth above.

At this point in my reading of Pratt's paper, I had been under the impression that he was going to discard all seismic data, as it had been used to support an incorrect model - the solid earth. That was not correct; I found that he was going to accept the data, realizing that it was not necessarily wrong to use it to refine an incorrect model, but that it could also be used to refine another, completely different, and perhaps more correct, model.

Now, while thinking incorrectly that Pratt was going to dismiss the seismic data, I allowed myself to indulge in the following second-guessing of his development (which we keep here because it still has its uses):

We agree that the net gravitational force felt at the center of a spherical or spherically-symmetric body would be zero. But we can easily see that an observer who moves off the center would immediately feel gravitation pointing upward - that is, away from the center. This is because the observer is now closer to the mass on his side of the sphere (i.e., to the center of mass above him) than to the mass on the far side (i.e., to the center of mass below him)... and there is a 1/r2 in the relationship for gravitational force.

This effect increases as the observer moves farther off-center, but not indefinitely. We know that by the time the observer reaches the sphere's surface, gravitation would be pointing down, back toward the center, as it does for all of us surface-dwellers because ALL of the sphere's mass is BELOW the surface.

Somewhere between the sphere's center and surface would be a radius at which net gravitational force is zero.

Mass that happened to be below that radius would be pulled upward, while mass above it would be pulled downward.

Thus, all mass is propelled toward that radius, but it doesn't actually get there because of opposing forces from the compacting mass. Nevertheless, would not that radius be the logical place to expect to find the concentration of a shell forming a hollow astronomical body?

Note that we have assumed an initial uniform distribution of mass, or at least a tendency for new incoming mass of any kind, such as bolides or deep-frozen chickens (sorry, a private joke) to be uniformly distributed. Geophysicists may have other thoughts about this. They may be thinking of collisions or (greatest of mysteries) things that go "bang".

Pratt would probably see the uses of this reasoning leading to variations in gravitational intensity that might not have been anticipated, but he actually does embrace the seismic data, which leads to quite complex geophysical models.

Eventually in his paper, Pratt does thoroughly cover not only the theosophical assertions, but those of the many other esoteric bodies of knowledge... leading to something more of an encyclopedia than a resolution of the questions.

We turn next to statements by Anton Parks, taken from our own Ages of Uraš.

Readers should understand that much of the ancient world entertained ideas of "the Abzu" - and this is the terminology used by Parks when referring to what we call "Hollow Earth", and much more, as all planetary bodies were thought to have Abzus.

Now it is time to read or review the major section on Abzu. This includes an important "Dialog" between Parks and myself on the subject. (Note that text in yellow font is from Parks; white is from me.)

The section links to another on the Abzu and is followed by Šàlim, the City of Eternity.

Here we have to regretfully report that our work on this critical subject was interrupted in two ways: As it merged into the late Pre-Christian period, Parks decided to move into a sort of Proto-Christian science-fiction writing modality in which we had no interest, and, the second problem... my graphics work was leading to a serious health problem for me. Namely, seizures. A shame, really, as I was hoping to develop a visual description of aspects of the Abzu of our planet. But it simply had to stop there, really in mid-stream.

To gain an idea of where the grapical rendering was headed, look at the images in progress for Šàlim

6. Where We Stand Today: Status Report

So where does this leave us? What, after all, would a review or reconsideration of the 20th-century polar expeditions bring us in terms of any enhanced understanding of our human condition?

We would like readers who are not now familiar with the contents of our page Status Report to read that page. This will most certainly broaden the reader's perspective of contacts such as occurred in the polar expeditions, suggesting how such contacts fit into the entire scheme of human development under the auspices of one or another hidden power-wielding group, and shows where our certain graduation from this condition lies, however long it may take... or it may NOT take long, if we understand our role!

By way of identifying the power groups, much of Ages of Uraš has been devoted to understanding them and their ancient, ancient struggle, a galactic war that is itself much older than our very planet. The two groups can be designated the Ušumgal and the Kingú-Babbar royals.

Actually the Ušumgal for their part created the Anunna/Anunnaki, themselves great manipulators of humans.

[Definitions of terms are very much needed here. Refer to Races.]

Readers should pay particular attention to the section Perpetual War, as it gives meaning to the interaction of human totalitarian power-seeking groups, such as the Nazis, with the non-human groups.

Now, finally, what will we say about the original subject of this page, the title subject - Third Reich, Antarctica, Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump?

In the broadest sense, we can state that this interaction is a specific instance of a vast struggle between 1) a sleeping humanity, not knowing that each human carries a part of an awakening, genetically programmed to combine with other parts, down the road at such time that races combine; and 2) hidden control groups and their visible power-holders, intending to prohibit any such combination from taking place by emphasizing principles of racial purity and war.

Very well, but can we provide the racial and cultural traits and the deep histories of the hidden control groups, making it possible to discern their movements and actions taking place behind the scenes throughout the millennia?

We cover the early, founding events in this solar system on the page A New Colony, and the modern situation in Perpetual War, where we mention that one group tends to frequent underground areas and caves; one presents itself as the royal white-skinned reptilians (Nordics) found at the polar openings; one associates with Anglo-American armed forces, etc.

Much more information has already been painstakingly developed over a period of years, filling many pages of Ages of Uraš. Readers who really want to know are advised to follow back to antecedent development, particularly on our pages:



Such a study would make it possible for readers to address many questions:

  • Which control group is represented by the monotheistic religions...
  • which control group dominates the Anglo-American world?
  • Which control group dominates the Nordic countries?
  • Why did the Jews fare so poorly in the hands of the Germans?
  • What was the true purpose of Operation Highjump?
  • Which control group presents itself as the Tall Whites in the American southwest?
  • What changes in this structure took place in the later twentieth century and beyond?
  • A new, open study, might lead - dare we say - to a more proactive involvement of humanity with its one-time controllers.

    Open SETI