Galactic Timestreams

Potential for Chaos

Thousands of humans will read this page.

In the world of my creation, only one of them will be YOU.

That is, only one will be YOU if I create only this one world.

But I can go to... sleep ...and create another world which, while I live in it, will seem as real as this one does to me now.

This other world may have a version of you in it, or it may not. That is my choice, isn't it?

But what about YOU? Don't you have any say in the matter?

What's that? You say you do? But isn't that just because I gave you that?

What made me superior to you in this world, anyway? Can't YOU decide for yourself whether to have ME in this world?

Well... maybe the version of you who decides... is NOT living in the world that I created.

But how would you know which version you are?

Maybe because you feel alive, and you think all the ones I created would feel dead. But what if I did not create them with that "dead" feeling?

Really, how DOES ONE begin to untangle all this? And what about all the other beings, not just the me and you? What about all of them?

And what is it that gives HUMANS the sole right to deal with problems like this? What about CATS? What about... dare I say it: GODS?

Explore this Internet domain and you will see we have encountered this problem on multiple levels.

We think that entire WORLDS may have multiple... Timestreams... and why stop there? Think of Galaxies, for example. Some mysteries of our galaxy might be made easier to understand if we had a framework of multiple Galactic Timestreams, of which we, being locked onto a prison planet, occupy mainly one alone, but with visitors... uh, ok, controllers. Controllers who have some freedoms.

Taken as a whole, would you say we have provided a recipe for utter chaos?

Not Chaos; Perceiving Order

Most humans on our planet live without encountering the kind of chaos we seemed to be anticipating. But not TOTALLY without. Only they prefer not to notice the signs of multiple timestreams.

We have searched, as stated, and found some wonderful examples. You can find them referenced and reviewed on our pages. But we must say, they are not showing utter chaos; not at all. There IS order, if one can begin to learn how it might all work.

Here we would like to offer you a system of dimensions observed by Anton Parks and described by us under the heading

Dimensions (right-click to display in separate window)

We suggest not reading too much into the precise shape of the KIGAL graphic - the inverted cone, the radii of the circular cross-sections, etc. - but focusing on the ORDERING of the cross sections. Keep in mind that this "KIGAL" relates to the "Great Earth" - that is, to the stages on which the earthbound lifeforms play their roles.

The KIGAL could well be said to result from the conflicts and interactions between the species interested in this locale... or confined to it.

Far from being the simple result of pure mechanistic physics, as one might imagine, a great deal of POLITICS and ENGINEERING have gone into the structuring of the KIGAL.

This structuring, by the way, is where TIMESTREAMS are found... both on this human and the planetary levels, and beyond.

So this is where we are bound to focus our attention.

Let's begin with a bit of slightly fictionalized fun with a recycled image of Open SETI activity:

Snapshot of a Timestream

It is a snapshot, in that it shows the state of affairs during a single time byte. It does not show the entire universe, but only the surface of the earth, unrolled for convenient viewing. The remainder of the universe is there for us to scan, if we were to reposition our viewing system.

The red dots represent viewers of Open SETI during the time byte. One of them might very well represent YOU. You probably didn't realize your picture was being taken, wearing that funny red hat that our super-capable team snuck unto your head just prior to that time byte and removed immediately after.

Or was it YOU who arranged for this image of ME, because I am surely in there too!

Who can tell, from this one image?

Just how long IS this time byte, anyway?

Ah, that is the question. It should be very very short, such that no movement of any kind can take place within it.

You do realize that it is this "time-byte-ness" that makes this a snapshot of a timestream, do you not?

So we want to make it very very short. Is there a limit as to how short we can go?

There does appear to be a set of limitations, if we give regard to quantum physics.

Without trying to go into detail on this... point..., we'll at least take note of the issue that in order to have a functioning timestream, it must be possible to move from one time byte to the next.

We have a serious problem. Nothing can move WITHIN a time byte because that would imply the division of the time byte into shorter bytes to accomodate the move, but that is exactly what one can never do with a time byte. It is already as short as you can go.

But moving to the next time byte for the next position of a moving object... that doesn't really work either. Now the object has jumped from one stable position to the next but never undergone something we would call movement. We're comfortable with the idea of a video or movie containing frames and only creating the illusion of motion, but we don't really believe the world operates in that manner.

So how do we ever have movement?

Here, we have any number of possibilities to think about. For example, there is that KIGAL diagram showing that the KI, in which all this takes place, is adjacent to an intermediate KUR-GI-A. Might it be possible to move out of the KI just to make use of the KUR-GI-A to make the jump to the next time byte in the timestream?

That is actually a serious possibility. It would allow us to live in a timestream that accomodates motion, as though we were watching or actually LIVING IN a video.

We also would like to understand how we can have MULTIPLE TIMESTREAMS, such that we, as individuals, inhabit one timestream while allowing for the possibility that someone else might inhabit another timestream making use of the same 3-D spatial coordinates.

How's that again? Let's take a spot on my desk. It's always there for me to see. But I can not see it in all points of time, can I? For one thing, I must leave the area from time to time. How can I be sure that spot remains undisturbed for all those times that I am not actually there looking at it?

But maybe that is not the actual problem. Let's say the spot IS always there, as it should be, but there are OTHER time bytes not in my timestream at all, in which who knows what is going on?

Are there other quantum particles, not the ones of our everyday life, that live in these time bytes?

This is beginning to look quite chaotic, something we had hoped to avoid. Perhaps we can get away with saying that just because we can imagine something does not require that that something actually be possible.

As a matter of fact, while we have found literature documenting some rather strange time anomalies, we have not found anything THAT chaotic.

What we HAVE found suggests that our species mainly occupies one timestream, but can occasionally flip into an adjacent one, for what reason we really don't know, just yet.

Meanwhile there are OTHER species who do much the same, but occupy other timestreams - a small number of other timestreams. It might not be too difficult to imagine structures composed of particles that can do this. We have much still to learn in this area.

Setting aside the questions of particle physics and how these dimensions actually perform their function, we suggest that we already have enough on our plate, just from our glimpse of the KIGAL with its subsidiary dimensions and the intermediate ones as just discussed here.

We suggest now reading more carefully the discussion that you have opened on your screen with the KIGAL graphic.

Keep in mind that each of these dimensions opens to a vast space, that may not actually be reachable in realistic time frames at subluminal speeds. This is the reason that a species could be confined to a region, such as the earth locale, unless it had access to superluminal connecting portals. We believe we have evidence that such portals exist in the earth locale, but they are not easily found or used. This may be because they were left under the direct or indirect control of the Kadištu, and remain so, to this day.

It is through such control of portals that the topology of space can be set up and maintained.

Are you wondering what a portal might look like, if you stood right at its opening?

Well, we are wrestling with the question of whether or not major planetary portals exist at or near polar openings. If they do, we have some information about their appearance that has been reported from time to time.

But there might be minor portals. We have examples of reported minor portals that you might drive an automobile through, without recognizing the dimensional transition until fully traversed. One of these took the form of an unmapped freeway exit. Another of a system of highways and streets in the vicinity of Orlando, Florida, that will take you across dimensions into another timestream with certainty if you but follow instructions, while you might not actually observe the transition as it occurs.

Parks mentions that the ability to see one dimensional level from a position - even a confined position - in another level... this ability is an important constituent of the power of those living on one or another level.

Now you begin to see how the topology of power structures might work.

But be careful with this. We noted that the ability to see into another dimension confers a sort of power onto the seeing entity. We knew that, of course. Think of an intelligence agency, for example. Its ability to see confers a great deal of power. It would be useful also for the agency to have access to operative teams equipped to make use of that conferred information. So there can be power of a practical sort, and we think our system of dimensions can operate in a manner parallel to that.

But think. Might there not be power of one level over another simply through the intrinsic physics?

In the KIGAL setup, we have suggested that the ANGAL levels have power over the KIGAL levels, though they are quite careful as to the manner in which that power is used. In fact, it is from these levels that the system itself is created, and this is done according to principles, the nature of which we can barely imagine. At least, barely today, but who can say whether any of us are destined or on a path to someday operate directly from these levels?

One thing we believe is that the so-called "Gods" are actually operating from the lower levels to which they are confined. We also have the ability to "evolve" down to those levels, from which we could find ourselves operating with power over the human level... but to what end?

"They sought to overpower humanity in its psychological and perceptual functions... although they saw that human thinking was superior to theirs... For indeed their delight is bitter and their beauty is depraved. And their triumph is in deception (apaton), leading astray, for their own structure is without divinity."